TotalEnergies will allocate up to 200 million euro over a year to equip more than 150 of its motorway and expressway service stations with high-power charge points for electric vehicles in France. More into details, by the end of the current year, around 60 motorway service stations will be equipped with high-power charging points from 50 to 175 kW. By the end of 2022, more than 110 TotalEnergies motorway and expressway service stations will be equipped with high-power EV charging stations (175 kW charge points). TotalEnergies set the target of 200 service stations equipped with high-power EV charge points on these major roads, along with 100 additional stations in urban areas, by the end of 2023.

TotalEnergies: charge points are part of a broader sustainable strategy

This is indeed part of a broader strategy set by the French energy company, which is investing the revenues coming from the oil&gas business in electric vehicles charging infrastructures. The aforementioned strategy has got seven pillars: besides oil&gas, also gas, electricity, hydrogen, biomass, wind and solar are included. The long-term plan speaks of a carbon-neutral ambition by 2050, with the company becoming fully multi-energy. In terms of biofuel production, the plans call for an increase from 500 GW/h per year in 2020 to 6,000 GW/h per year in 2030. The biofuels produced should increase from the current 0.3 million tonnes per year to 5 million tonnes in 2030.

«Our assertive positioning therefore supports the growth of electric mobility for long-distance travel. The installation of high-power EV points in our motorway and expressway service stations in France contributes to the public authorities’ 100,000 Charge Points Plan», stated Alexis Vovk, President Marketing & Services at TotalEnergies.


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