Promoting truck charging network in Sweden, aimed at building and provide charging infrastructure for heavy-duty trucks. This is the target of Nimbnet, Kempower and Nirta, three primary Scandinavian companies involved in e-mobility in quite different ways. More into details, Kempower is a charging infrastructure manufacturer from Finland; Nimbnet is an operator of charging stations from Sweden; Virta, also from Finland, is a charging infrastructure provider.

The next truck charging network in Sweden

The first charging stations, aided by a grant from the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), will be built in Gothenburg, Söderhamn, Sundsvall, and Nordmaling. They will be ready to receive the first heavy trucks for charging at the end of 2023. Nimbnet aims to fill all the main geographical blank spaces to ensure that all of Sweden can be serviced by electric trucks. Municipalities are encouraged to get in touch with suggestions for suitable underserved locations. 

The integrated Kempower chargers can deliver up to 350 kW of continuous power. Nimbnet’s innovative reservation system may help commercial truck operators plan dependable delivery routes and schedules beforehand so that overall waiting times are minimized and fleet utility rates are maximized. 

The network offers flexible pricing based on the current electricity price on the Nord Pool electricity market and the load of the local power grid. Customers will be able to plan their charging to get the best price, which will also help grid operators avoid huge peaks of demand. At Nimbnet stations, EV drivers will be able to charge with Virta mobile APP, RFID tag, credit card and Plug&Charge compatible vehicle. 


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