Volta Trucks started the new year by announcing a partnership with location data and technology platform HERE Technology. The agreement is aimed at equipping the Volta Zero truck with EV Range Assistant, a feature from HERE tailored for inner-city deliveries. Volta Trucks has recently started small production of the 16-ton electric truck, while series production is expected to begin by the end of this year. The largest order received so far was made by DB Schenker, which is supposed to rely on 1,500 e-trucks in the very next years. Volta Trucks also confirmed that some more smaller variants, namely the 7,5-ton and the 12-ton, will be added to the company’s portfolio.

Volta Trucks and the navigation system by HERE Technologies

EV Range Assistant developed by HERE Technologies includes range prediction for trucks on route and allows for route planning including multiple delivery stops. Search, routing, real-time traffic, and turn-by-turn voice guidance will be available both on- and off-line. HERE Navigation allows Volta Trucks to take advantage of the navigation-as-a-service model to deliver a simplified infotainment supply chain and development process. According to the companies involved, the benefits include lowering costs, improving scalability, and allows Volta Trucks to deliver a unique In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system that can be remotely configured and monitored by customers.

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How the what3words works

Additionally, thanks to HERE Navigation, drivers will be able to use innovative geolocation technology, what3words. The latter is a simple way to identify a location in a manner that is more precise than a street address. what3words has divided the world into a grid of three-metre squares and given each square a unique combination of three random words: a what3words address. Drivers can enter what3words addresses directly into their in-truck systems, allowing them to easily navigate to locations as specific as building entrances or loading bays – ideal for busy drivers making multiple deliveries in a city.

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«I’m delighted to confirm HERE as the provider of our navigation system for the Volta Zero, including the integration of what3words. HERE Technologies is another world-class partner for Volta Trucks, delivering the full features of embedded navigation but with the user experience of a mobile navigation application. With HERE Navigation, we can provide innovative and differentiated experiences to our drivers while simplifying our supply chain – a key benefit supporting our accelerated route to market», commented Ian Collins, Chief Product Officer of Volta Trucks.


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