Volta Trucks set a partnership with software-based solutions provider Sibros to deliver fully connected vehicle systems to electric commercial vehicle fleets. Sibros is a pioneer of deep Over-the-Air (OTA) connected vehicle systems and will provide end-to-end software and data solutions that begin with the integration of the Sibros OTA Deep Logger to provide Volta Trucks with real time, relevant, vehicle and fleet data management.

«The connected vehicle platform will allow customers access to driver alerts, charging infrastructure, over-the-air updates for navigation and content as well as service, insurance, and maintenance data. This will increase productivity and bring efficiency and profitability to its customers’ businesses. It will provide Volta Trucks with full transparency and control over what data is collected and who it’s shared with, enabling customers to benefit from, and better understand, their data», stated the Swedish start-up (here’s an interview to get to know them better). Volta Trucks has just announced remarkable pre-order levels as well as new funding for 37 million euro.

Volta Trucks and Sibros: the top managers speaking

«We are thrilled to partner with Volta Trucks to accelerate the development of their connected platform for vehicles and fleets», said Hemant Sikaria, CEO and Co-Founder of Sibros. «They are bringing some of the most visually stunning and innovative electric vehicles to market with a world class team that combines new age thinking with classic OEM expertise. OTA software updates, data management and analysis are all crucial components in bringing customised, safe and sustainable vehicles to the world».

«This partnership is a natural step for Volta Trucks. We will now be able to perform remote diagnostics and data analysis for use towards our ambition of zero downtime and better operational efficiency for our partners and customers», commented Ian Collins, Chief Product Officer of Volta Trucks. «We are confident that working closely with Sibros will enable us to revolutionise last-mile logistics and allow us to easily expand and scale our business, while concentrating on our goal of being the safest large commercial vehicle manufacturer».


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