The Volvo Group has initiated the process to establish a production plant for battery cells in Sweden. Similarly to other primary manufacturers (see Scania and MAN, just to make a couple of examples), Volvo Group wants to rely on its own plant for the future needs of e-mobility, not only in the passenger car sector. Indeed, the battery cells will be designed specifically for commercial vehicle applications, supporting the global roll-out of electric trucks, buses, construction equipment and electric drivelines for different applications.

Volvo Group: the site where the battery plant may be built

According to the Swedish group, the Skaraborg region is apparently the ideal location for the future plant. The proposed site is situated close to the Volvo Group’s main powertrain plant in Skövde, with access to Sweden’s rich supply of fossil-free energy. The site is a couple of hours away from Volvo’s headquarters in Gothenburg.

“By 2030, our ambition is that at least 35% of the products we sell are electric”, stated Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of the Volvo Group. “This ramp-up will require large volumes of high-performing batteries, produced using fossil-free energy and it is a logical next step for us to include battery production in our industrial footprint”.


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