With a dedicated global event held in Zhengzhou, China, bus and truck manufacturer Yutong has launched the so-called YEA (Yutong Electric Architecture). It’s an advanced, scalable and self-evolving EV architecture that enhances the Chinese manufacturer’s commercial vehicles through a native powertrain design. Sustainable Truck&Van attended the launch event in Zhengzhou, also visiting bus production facilities, as well as test centers for vehicles and key powertrain components.

The brand-new architecture integrates hardware and software and was developed in-house by Yutong. Some highlights: batteries have higher energy and enhanced safety standard, with improved water and fire resistance. The third-generation e-axle reduces weight by approximately half and energy consumption by 15%. MW-level supercharge system was also improved.


What’s the YEA, the new EV architecture developed by Yutong

More into technical details, the YEA consists of C architecture (cross-domain integration architecture) and YOS (the first automotive operating system for CVs), both of which are independently developed by Yutong. Moreover, the YEA can improve computing power by 200% and control efficiency by 100%. It also supports the vehicle’s continuous OTA (over-the-air) upgrade in its whole life cycle to bring intelligent driving and riding experience and ensure operation safety. If new energy commercial vehicles are compared to people, then YOS can be thought of as the thinking and C architecture the brain.

With the emergence of YEA, a technology platform in its true sense is finally built. This also fully proves that Yutong has mastered core technologies of new energy commercial vehicles, and is capable of self-development and deep integration of software and hardware. It also testifies to Yutong’s capability in making safer, more reliable, efficient and intelligent new energy commercial vehicles to meet personalized needs of various market segments, which also serves as a perfect embodiment of Yutong’s core competitiveness in commercial vehicles.


So far, light and heavy electric trucks manufactured by Yutong (the major bus manufacturer on a global scale, indeed) are not sold outside China. Nevertheless, Yutong is currently evaluating the possibility to start selling e-trucks abroad, with Europe in the forefront in case the company decides to approach foreign markets. Yutong’s new energy truck range is made of light trucks, medium-to-heavy duty models, mining trucks, as well as special vehicles for sanitization.


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