ABB and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are about to become partners in order to develop cloud-based solution designed for the real-time management of electric vehicle fleets and charging infrastructure. There’s a third party involved in the project. PANION is a Berlin-based corporate start-up of ABB with a focus on intelligent, cloud-based management of electric fleets. Then it is not a coincidence that the solution has been named ‘PANION EV Charge Planning’; it will allow operators to better monitor energy usage and schedule charging across their fleets.

ABB and Amazon Web Services involved in the PANION project

This new alternative provides a scalable, secure, and easily customizable software solution, combined with easy-to-manage hardware, to make EV fleet management more efficient and maximize reliability. «The transition to electric vehicle fleets still presents operators with a number of new challenges», says Markus Kröger, founder and CEO at PANION. «Our mission is to support this transformation with innovative solutions. By working with AWS and leveraging the expertise of our market-leading parent, ABB, we today unveil ‘PANION EV Charge Planning.’ This modular software solution helps fleet managers to make their e-fleet as reliable, cost-efficient, and time saving as possible».

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Frank Mühlon, President of ABB’s E-mobility division, added: «In the short time since we started our collaboration with AWS, we have made great progress. We are delighted to enter the test phase with our first product. Thanks to AWS’ expertise in software development and its leadership in cloud technology, we can offer a hardware-independent, intelligent solution that makes it much easier for operators to have confidence and manage their e-fleets. It will provide fleet teams with a steady stream of innovative and secure services, which will continue to evolve as we work in partnership with our customers». Indeed, the collaboration between ABB and AWS on electric fleets dates back to March 2021.

Let’s discover PANION EV Charge Planning

More into details of the solution developed by PANION, key benefits include a ‘Charge Planning Algorithm’ feature, which helps to reduce operating and energy costs while ensuring business continuity. The ‘Charge Station Management’ feature allows the platform to connect to and communicate with charging stations to schedule, execute, and adapt charging sessions. This is completed by a ‘Vehicle Asset Management’ feature providing all the relevant real-time telemetry data to the system and an ‘Error Handling and Task Management’ module to trigger actionable tasks for tackling unplanned events and errors within the charging operations that need human interaction on the ground, on-time.


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