Electric trucks and diesel-powered ones gain market share in the EU in 2022, while alternative fuels powered trucks decrease compared to the previous year. ACEA released the latest data on medium and heavy duty truck registration by fuel type in the European Union. In 2022, electric truck registrations (including plug-in hybrids and fuel cell powered trucks) grew by 32.8% with 1,656 units registered (half of which in Germany), thus bringing the market share to 0.6% from 0.5% in 2021.

Beyond electric trucks in the EU: diesel and alternative fuels

In 2022, diesel trucks remained the dominant choice for buyers in the European Union, accounting for 96.6% of total new registrations (up from 95.9% in 2021). Across the EU, 274,058 units were sold in total, with Central Europe strongly contributing to the region’s performance.

On the other hand, sales of trucks powered by alternative fuels, such as natural gas, LPG, biofuels and ethanol, decreased in 2022, accounting for 2.8% of the total market (down from 3.6% in 2021). With 7,915 trucks registered across the EU, sales of trucks running on alternative fuels contracted by 19.9%. Germany was the main contributor to the region’s negative performance of these trucks, with a decline of 34.2%.


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