ACEA, the European automotive manufacturers’ association, released the official registration data as for commercial and industrial vehicles in 2023, in Europe. Electric vehicles are indeed growing and increasing their percentages among vans, trucks and even buses. All this within a scenario that is quite positive, as new EU van sales surged 14.6% to nearly 1.5 million units, driven by strong performances in key EU markets. With Italy and Spain leading the chart (over 22% growth compared to 2022).

Similarly, the new EU truck registrations grew by a substantial 16.3% to 346,986 units. Germany led the pack with 94,820 units sold, reflecting a significant 24.4% increase. Other major EU markets experienced double-digit growth, including Spain at 22.3%, Italy at 11.4%, and France at 11.3%.


ACEA, electric vehicles gain momentum

Speaking of power source as for vans, diesel continued to lead, with 1.2 million units registered, marking a 10.4% increase from 2022. However, its market share contracted from 85.7% in 2022 to 82.6% last year. Simultaneously, electrically chargeable vans are gaining traction, contributing to a gradual shift in market dynamics. Electric van sales surged by 56.8% in 2023, claiming a 7.4% market share, up from 5.4% in 2022. This shift was driven by substantial gains in key markets, including the Netherlands (+110.4%), Spain (+100.3%), and France (+76.7%).


As for trucks, diesel continued to dominate the truck market, constituting 95.7% of new truck registrations. Solid growth of 15.4% was recorded in EU diesel truck sales, propelled by notable expansions in key markets, including Germany (+23.5%), Spain (+21.8%), and Italy (+12.3%). At the same time, new electric truck registrations experienced an impressive 234.1% growth, reaching 5,279 units. The Netherlands (+889.7%) and Germany (+169.8%) emerged as the primary drivers behind this remarkable growth, jointly contributing to over 60% of all EU electric truck sales. Electric trucks now represent 1.5% of the market, substantial progress from the previous year’s 0.8%.


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