ACT Expo, the leading sustainable transport exhibition in North America, will take place from May 20 to 23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It means the event will be held in a different (and bigger) location compared to the 2023 edition, in order to host about 350 exhibitors. According to the organizers, in fact, this year’s event will be the greatest edition of ACT Expo ever.

All the major truck OEM CEOs will be gathering on the stage together, with with Volvo Trucks President Roger Alm headlining as keynote speaker on Monday, May 20. Alm will share details on the company’s multi-pillar decarbonization strategy and the progress made toward its global commitment to be 100% net-zero emissions and fossil-free by 2040. “At Volvo Trucks, we believe in a world where global sustainability is not just a goal, but a responsibility. We are driving innovation to build a future where clean, efficient, and responsible mobility is the norm, not the exception”, he said.

ACT Expo 2024, the event’s agenda

The event’s fleet-focused agenda will include workshops, panels and keynote presentations about battery trchnology, hydrogen vehicle fleet deployments, alternative fuel vehicles, construction equipment and off-road applications, microgrids and EV charging depot solutions.

“We have seen an unprecedented wave of private investment, public funding, policy focus, and new product development cycles across the commercial transportation sector in the last several years, which has aligned with ACT Expo’s accelerated growth in exhibitor and attendee numbers. We’re excited to host the 2024 event at an even larger venue this year, the Las Vegas Convention Center, as it truly underscores the industry’s tremendous growth and the broadening multitude of drivers that are reshaping clean commercial transportation,” said Erik Neandross, president of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), a TRC Company, the producers of ACT Expo.


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