The organizers of the 13th ACT Expo, the leading event on sustainable transportation to be held from 20 to 23 May in Las Vegas, have outlined the speaker lineup, now including over 200 professionals from top companies in the advanced and sustainable transportation sector. Also suppliers, infrastructure providers, and clean fuel companies are involved in the speaker lineup. And there’s great news, also Tesla will join the panel, with the confirmed participation of Dan Priestley, Senior Manager, Semi, who will be possibly providing updates about the Tesla Semi project.

ACT Expo’s extremely rich speaker lineup

The massive expo hall in Las Vegas – twice the size of last year – will highlight more than 350 exhibitors and sponsors displaying more than 200 advanced commercial vehicles. Throughout the four-day event, industry leaders and innovators will share insights, strategies, and success stories through a dynamic program featuring fleet case studies, executive panels, keynotes, technical workshops, and breakout sessions. Sustainable Truck&Van is among the media partners of the U.S.-based event, and the first 2024 issue of our magazine will be distributed in Las Vegas.

“It is an exceptionally dynamic and exciting moment in time, with such an extraordinary array of advanced technologies and clean fuels available in the marketplace,” noted Erik Neandross, President of GNA, a TRC Company, the producers of ACT Expo. “We are incredibly excited to hear from such an amazing collection of top thought leaders, visionaries and those making the investment decisions that are driving the industry forward.”

Roger Alm, President Volvo Trucks and Executive Vice President of Volvo Group, Shelley Simpson, President, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., and Adam Wright, Chief Executive Officer, Pilot Travel Centers LLC are only some of the event’s keynote speakers. The full list is available here.


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