Amazon joined IRU, the International Road Transport Organization, that gather together the major global players in road transport. Amazon decided to join in order to work on areas that are critical to its large chain of logistics partners and the broader global road transport sector.

“The success of Amazon, and that of our partners, depends on having a credible, trustworthy voice that understands, advocates and drives consensus on topics that are crucial to our work and the transport industry”, stated Vice President of EU Amazon Transportation Services, Andreas Marschner.

Amazon joining IRU: some more comments

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto added: “As a leading global e-commerce and logistics company, Amazon is a key player in the road transport sector, overseeing one the world’s largest fleets of trucks, vans and other delivery vehicles. We are very happy to welcome Amazon into the IRU family and look forward to working together on a range of important issues, such as decarbonisation and road safety.”

With a focus on its customers, Amazon created Amazon Transportation Services and Amazon Logistics. The two organisations partner with thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises globally, including line haul trucking and last-mile deliveries. In addition, Amazon is starting to purchase full electric trucks, and vans, either in Europe or in the U.S.


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