U.S.-based truck manufacturer Bollinger is about to launch its Class-4 B4 electric truck, featuring a cab-forward design “with industry-leading safety, cargo, and turn circle capabilities”. The Bollinger B4 is driven by a rear-axle e-drive to meet demand for higher payloads. High-voltage components operate on an 800-volt platform, with batteries consisting of LFP (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry. Customers may outfit their B4s with either one or two battery packs to accommodate cost and range requirements. Range estimates exceed current customer need and offer roughly 100 miles (about 160 km) per battery pack. 

Bollinger will start track tests very soon

The U.S. manufacturer will track test B4 chassis cab trucks this fall with numerous fleet customers, upfitters, and charging companies to gather constructive feedback. “Bollinger Motors has been developing medium duty all-electric trucks since 2015”, said Bryan Chambers, Chief Operating Officer of Bollinger Motors. “Our extensive Class 4-6 engineering and supply-chain development means our commercial trucks are on the fast track to production”.

“Commercial fleets need a cost-competitive alternative to traditional ICE vehicles, and these credits, along with Bollinger’s aggressive efforts to deliver a quality product with a lower total cost of ownership, make EVs a more affordable and viable option than their ICE counterparts”, added Ed Burke, commercial sales director. “These credits are a win for Bollinger, our customers, and our nation’s sustainability agenda as we help accelerate the adoption of this clean technology across America’s roadways”.

Bollinger will begin production with Class 4 Chassis Cabs, with Class 5 and Class 6 trucks to follow. Price and release date for the B4 chassis cabs will be announced at a later date.


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