BrightDrop has decided to rename its electric vans. The U.S. manufacturer, part of the General Motors group, will begin production later this year at GM’s CAMI facility, as confirmed by Chief Revenue Officer Steve Hornyak in this exclusive interview with Sustainable Truck&Van.

Originally dubbed the BrightDrop EV600 and BrightDrop EV410, the first two flagship electric delivery vehicles introduced by the company have been renamed the BrightDrop Zevo 600 and BrightDrop Zevo 400. «We chose Zevo because it contains ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) and EV (Electric Vehicle) and is a play-off “zero” – a reference to GM’s Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, and Zero Congestion vision», stated BrightDrop. The U.S. company has already signed agreement with some primary customers, such as Walmart and FedEx, among others.

The “new” BrightDrop electric vans: welcome Zevo

More into details, Zevo 600 is a long-range electric delivery vehicle purpose-built with city-deliveries in mind, featuring up to 250-mile range on a full charge, advanced safety features, and 600 cubic feet of cargo space. On the other hand, Zevo 400 was designed to electrify smaller and more frequent deliveries, expanding zero-emissions driving to a variety of applications from online grocery delivery to telecom maintenance, this version features over 400 cubic feet of cargo space.

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In addition, talking about electric carts also manufactured by BrightDrop, the BrightDrop EP1 is now the BrightDrop Trace. Trace, e-cart spelled backwards, hearkens back to our brand system of flowing lines and movement. It is an IoT-connected, electric cart designed to optimize the transport of goods over short distances – for example, from the delivery vehicle to the customer’s door.


Equipped with an electric hub motor capable of matching walking speeds of up to 3 mph, it can help reduce package touch points, operational costs and physical strain on the labor force.


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