U.S.-based newcomer Canoo, backed by Walmart since the beginning of their experience, has announced that Kingbee, a national work-ready van rental provider, will begin using Canoo LDV 130 vehicles in its fleet. According to the official release, additional customer deliveries will be scheduled through 2024. Moreover, Kingbee will purchase 9,300 Canoo vehicles with an option to increase to 18,600 vehicles, subject to availability.

This is really big news, as Canoo has been reportedly in quite big trouble in the next few days. There was trouble, of course, during the early life of the electric ven manufacturer, despite some large orders mentioned by the company’s top management. As we wrote here, Canoo would have already secured 4,500 orders from Walmart. According to the website Electrek, the manufacturer also received further 3,000 orders from Zeeba and about 1,000 orders from the State of Oklahoma. in additiion to several order options.

Statements from Canoo and Kingbee

“We are proud that an increasing number of our vehicles are on the roads of America, and we are looking forward to our vehicles joining Kingbee and its impressive list of customers,” said Tony Aquila, Investor, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Canoo. “Our vehicles are engineered for service workers, and optimized for safety, reliability, and comfort. This is what distinguishes our vehicles and provides a competitive edge for commercial fleet companies.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to help fleets transition to electric vehicles. Fleets of all sizes use Kingbee as a flexible option for vehicle acquisition, and we’re honored to be among the first to add Canoo to our EV portfolio,” added Scott Haslam, CEO of Kingbee Vans.


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