cellcentric will participate in ACT Expo 2024, to be held in Las Vegas from 20 to 23 May. There, fuel cell specialist cellcentric officially showcases fuel cell tailormade for long-haul trucks, for the first time in North America. At the trade fair, the company with European roots and Canadian heritage presents its tailormade close-to-production solution for the long-haul trucks of the future, sustainably powered by hydrogen and fuel cells.

The 50:50 joint venture between Daimler Truck AG and Volvo Group currently counts more than 520 employees that engages in the development, production and marketing of fuel cell power units for the commercial vehicle industry. So far, cellcentric has made around 700 patent applications.

cellcentric fuel cells for the USMCA market

Indeed, demand for hydrogen-based mobility solutions is growing in the USMCA market as a consequence of favorable US regulatory environment and incentives to decarbonize. This market outlook prompted cellcentric to significantly accelerate development of its highly innovative NextGen fuel cell, taking into account the needs of long-haul heavy goods traffic in North America from the earliest concept phase.

“Our NextGen fuel cell impressively demonstrates that the transition to sustainable, environmentally friendly drive technologies can already be a reality on the North American market, even in tough heavy-duty haulage,” said Nicholas Loughlan, CTO at cellcentric. “The fact that it is compact, efficient and powerful means that we can even better fulfill the demands of heavy-duty long-haul. NextGen is engineered for high mileage and trimmed for cost efficiency to make it the absolute champ in operating costs for heavy-duty trucks”.


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