Back in August, Cummins has shown its 15-litre hydrogen internal combustion engine at a Technology Day in Wuhan, China. The event at Cummins’ East Asia Research & Development Centre showcased the company’s latest product strategy for China-based customers.

The event signalled the introduction of Cummins’ X15H hydrogen internal combustion engine and attendees witnessed its first start-up in China. Part of the company’s industry-first fuel agnostic engine platform, Cummins’ 15-litre hydrogen engine features direct-injection, lean-burn combustion, with ratings up to 542 hp and peak torque of 2600 Nm. The zero-carbon fuel hydrogen engine can achieve brake thermal efficiency (BTE) up to 44% with brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) of 22Bar, supporting diesel-like power and torque capability. 

cummins hydrogen engine-1

Cummins X15H hydrogen engine: similar performances compared to diesel

Cummins X15H hydrogen engine is based on familiar internal combustion engine technology and can be integrated into a vehicle chassis without the need for a major product redesign. “Achieving zero-carbon requires collaboration and joint innovation. Cummins has long-term partnerships with its Chinese customers which allows us to fully understand their business requirements and sustainability goals. The combination of in-depth market insights and a culture of innovation well-positions Cummins to develop the right solutions that support our customers’ businesses while reducing environmental impact”, stated Jason Wang, Cummins VP & General Manager of EBU China.


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