Danish engineering group Danfoss will drive one of its electric trucks from Denmark to Le Mans, France, to coincide with the famous 24-hour race event, set to start on June 12. The 20-ton, 17-meter-long Volvo electric truck will travel together with 47 electric cars.

The journey of approximately 1,300 kilometers, organized as a non-profit event by the company GodEnergi, aims to dispel range anxiety and demonstrate that it is possible to electrify and decarbonize transport to a much greater extent than is commonly perceived today.

Danfoss drive solutions in the Volvo electric truck

The electric truck participating in the event is part of Danfoss’ fully electric truck fleet, which transports cargo between production facilities and logistical sites in Denmark. It contains several essential components from Danfoss, such as the Editron ED3 onboard charger with electric power take-off (ePTO). ED3 delivers 43 kilowatts of charging power, the highest AC power onboard charger available today. The device enables rapid overnight and opportunity charging of electric vehicles using readily available utility outlets, facilitating quick deployment while minimizing charging infrastructure costs for end users.

danfoss electric truck

“We see neither technological nor practical barriers to converting to fully electric trucks. In Denmark, for example, 48% of all trucks drive less than 300 kilometers per day. For a large part of the trucks, there is no reason to have range anxiety, and at the same time, electrification of heavy transport will make a significant contribution to the green transition,” commented Torben Christensen, Chief Sustainability Officer at Danfoss.


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