Everfuel and Taulov Dry Port will soon establish the largest hydrogen station in Denmark. The agreement signed between the two partners supports «both companies’ vision of contributing significantly to the transition of the transport industry to greener fuels and to assist in the decarbonisation of Denmark’s busiest transportation centre», as written in the official statement. The Danish hydrogen company Everfuel is already engaged in building hydrogen refueling stations in Sweden and Germany.

The new hydrogen refueling station in Denmark

The Danish hydrogen refueling station will be built at Taulov Dry Port, outside Fredericia, where a joint venture between ADP and PFA is well on its way to realize a green and innovative logistics hub. The first 100.000 square meters of storage and logistics buildings were recently established, and the next 60.000 square meter section is under construction. With these facilities, Taulov Dry Port has managed to attract some of the leading transport and retail companies in Denmark, which all require solutions that will help minimise their climate footprint.

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Everfuel is pushing on hydrogen development in Scandinavia

A subsidiary of Everfuel A/S, namely Everfuel Sweden, entered into a cooperation agreement with primary Scandinavian fuel company OKQ8 in order to boost the hydrogen market in Sweden. In addition, a cooperation agreement was recently signed with Greenstat «for developing commercially competitive hyd…

Everfuel is currently building its initial PtX facility in Fredericia, which will produce the first green hydrogen later this year. The facility will provide green hydrogen to the station at Taulov Dry Port, providing logistic companies with a CO2-free fuel which is produced from renewable energy.

Statements from the partners

«Since Taulov Dry Port was established in 2017, the joint-venture partnership between ADP and PFA has been based on ambitions of being innovative in the development of modern storage and logistics buildings connected to the most central and sustainable infrastructure. Today, we are announcing the collaboration with Everfuel to establish Denmark’s largest hydrogen station as a part of Taulov Dry Port, and we are proud to be leading the pack when it comes to green solutions in the field», commented Jesper Gemmer, CEO at Taulov Dry Port.

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«The location of a hydrogen station in Taulov Dry Port is an important strategic location, and the partnership benefits both the included partners and the climate. The location supports Everfuel’s roll out of a reliable hydrogen infrastructure for heavy duty transportation. The area is already prepared to be scaled and expanded according to demand and the transition to fuel cell vehicles. The station is the first of many more Everfuel stations for heavy duty hydrogen fueling, and we are excited about the collaboration with Taulov Dry Port and our partners’ vision for green mobility in Denmark», added Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO at Everfuel.


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