Einride unveiled in Los Angeles its Smartcharger Station, a true hub with 65 chargers for heavy-duty vehicles. Strategically located near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the Lynwood Smartcharger Station will serve Einride customers to fast track the region to electric freight with the ability to charge 200 vehicles a day, according to Einride itself.

The Smartcharger Station was built in partnership with Voltera, a developer and owner of charging infrastructure for zero-emission vehicles, and marks a key milestone in Einride’s work to enable shippers to make the switch to sustainable road freight. The site is currently the largest operational charging site for electric heavy duty freight in North America and represents a landmark step for charging infrastructure in the U.S. The site was built in collaboration with Voltera, a developer and owner of charging infrastructure for zero-emission vehicle fleets. 

Einride Smartcharger Station

The charging station currently serves Einride’s connected electric fleets, including routes for global shipping giant A.P. Moller – Maersk. Einride will make the station available for future customers in order to bolster the freight ecosystem in Los Angeles county.

Beyond enabling trucks to recharge in between shipments, Einride’s Smartcharger Station offers truck drivers a lounge complete with key amenities as well as providing information such as charge status, remaining time, power output and performance. The station is integrated with Einride Saga, the intelligent freight operating system that provides AI-powered data insights and powers the full Einride ecosystem.

Statements from Einride and Voltera

“The launch of Einride’s first Smartcharger Station in the U.S. marks a momentous stride in establishing digital, electric freight as an important enabler to a more resilient U.S. freight system. This facility will enable a key region to fast track to electric, given its proximity to the Port of LA, one of the world’s busiest container ports and a driver of the U.S. economy,” said Robert Falck, CEO and Founder of Einride.

“Our team was able to get Einride’s Lynwood site permitted, built, energized and operational in under 18 months—in the world of charging infrastructure, that’s pretty remarkable,” added Matt Horton, CEO of Voltera. “Our team learned a lot from this project that will help inform and guide our continued build-out of zero-emission vehicle infrastructure nationwide.” 


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