Chinese e-vehicle manufacturer Farizon has recently introduced two electric vehicle concepts, namely Homtruck Cabless Truck and SuperVan. Farizon Homtruck Cabless is a pioneering application of L4 autonomous driving technologies that was developed specifically for use within fixed and confined operating environments.

Farizon Homtruck Cabless

The new Homtruck Cabless keeps the powertrain base, and radar/sensors of the Homtruck launched last year, while being further designed for closed environment operation on fixed routes, such as in ports or logistics hubs. Test operations of Homtruck will begin in select Chinese ports in 2023, and will gradually cover more application scenarios, including line haul logistics, mining areas and logistics parks in due course.

The SuperVAN: environment-friendly materials in the production

The SuperVAN is highly customizable to satisfy the requirements of different urban transportation scenarios. The Geely Multi-purpose Architecture (GMA) boasts the first of its kind intelligent dual-redundancy drive-by-wire modular commercial vehicle architecture that is independently developed by Farizon, which allows for complete decoupling between car body and chassis leading to better vehicle package integration.


In addition, Farizon uses renewable and bio-degradable environment-friendly materials in the production of SuperVAN in an effort to reach the brand’s full life cycle zero-carbon goal in 2023. Farizon SuperVAN will start test operations in small quantities in the second half of 2023 in China. In 2024, SuperVan will begin mass production and delivery aiming at global markets, including Europe, Australasia, Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.

As China’s first commercial vehicle brand that focuses on new energy, Farizon has established the largest new energy commercial vehicle research institute in China, and set up three platforms for fleet rental and intelligent management of logistics vehicles, green energy supply chains, and battery charging and swapping services, respectively, to enhance its green intelligent transportation management and service network.


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