Farizon Auto, the new energy commercial vehicle manufacturer by Geely Holding Group, officialy debuted its long-awaited SuperVAN. Here’s an interview with Farizon management about the vehicle and the idea to spread it over Europe in 2024.

With its modular design, the vehicle’s body and chassis can be decoupled, allowing for free adjustments in wheelbase, front and rear suspensions, and the flexible combination of power, braking, suspension, and steering systems. This flexibility empowers users to design the vehicle body according to their specific requirements, achieving true customization.

Farizon SuperVAN introduced at the 19th Asian Games

The SuperVAN has been deployed as a standard livestream vehicle at the 19th Asian Games, ensuring the seamless livestream of programs during the event. To meet diverse user needs, the SuperVAN incorporates integrated battery technology and focuses on the green energy ecosystem. It supports multiple power systems, including battery swapping and methanol range extenders. The use of flat, non-modular power batteries not only maximizes cabin space but also enhances battery safety, providing a comfortable riding experience. Additionally, the vehicle can deliver a maximum of 10 kW 220V AC power output, addressing outdoor power supply concerns.


Furthermore, Farizon SuperVAN features passenger car-like active safety configurations specifically tailored for commercial vehicle scenarios, offering various intelligent driving assistance and safety features such as adaptive cruise control, city/highway auxiliary driving, fatigue monitoring, intelligent speed limit, 360-degree panoramic view, and more. These features enhance comfort, safety, and convenience while reducing driver fatigue.


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