Ford Trucks will take part in IAA 2022 in Hannover from 20 to 25 September. The global truck manufacturer will focus its participation on the roadmap to zero emissions, so we might see something new related to the possible range of electric trucks. That would be an actual breakthrough for Ford Trucks.

For sure, the company will showcase the international award-winner F-MAX and present its CO2-neutral transport solutions roadmap, also new specifications and features, bringing connected mobility technologies to Ford Trucks customers.

Ford Trucks at IAA 2022. The Vice President speaking

“As an innovative brand, we focus on future and prioritize R&D efforts on bringing next-generation technologies to the market. The transition of heavy commercial vehicles to zero emissions is critical for a sustainable future. Therefore, our objective is mainly to contribute to reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions in road transport while increasing fleet productivity”, said Serhan Turfan, Vice President at Ford Trucks. “We look forward to presenting our innovations in line with our zero-emission mission and new connectivity technologies that will thrive our customers’ businesses”.

As for the latest advancements on connectivity, Ford Trucks is transforming its vehicles into data-driven, connected mobility products, equipped with next-generation technologies that benefit customers. The new technologies include features such as GPS-based cruise control and multimedia system that make life easier for drivers and fleet managers. Besides, developed by Ford Trucks engineers, “Level 4 Highway Pilot” technology offers trucks the ability to carry out transportation activities autonomously between H2H (hub-to-hub) logistics centers.


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