At IAA Transportation 2022, OKT Trailer unveiled a new trailer concept, winner of the Trailer Innovation 2023 Award as for concept design. More into details, the vehicle is featured by a design that makes the body more holistic, with the handrails on the walking path of the vehicle itself. The aerodynamic fenders that change the trailer fashion with their closed design on the wheels eliminate the turbulence that will come to the wheels. Moreover, the upper wings at the rear and the diffuser in the bumper area discipline the wind and slide quickly over the trailer, allowing the turbulence to move away from the vehicle.

OKT Trailer: the main features of the Aerodynamic Foodstuff Tanker

In addition, landing and lifting of the landing gears of the Aerodynamic Foodstuff Tanker, as well as the opening and closing of the upper protection covers, can be managed by a phone application. The so-called “connected-drive” system makes is possible to check from remote the speed of the vehicles, the materials it carries and various warnings.

The new generation food tanker is designed with an environmentally friendly perspective, thus it will help to reduce to trucks fuel savings by reducing the friction coefficient during the movement of the tanker with its aerodynamic structure. In fact, unlike the classic trailer structure, the body is in the form of a water drop in order to reduce friction.


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