French specialist Forsee Power has recently launched the so-called FLEX PLUS, a new high value-added battery system addressed to heavy-duty vehicles, trucks included. This new FLEX PLUS battery pack completes the PLUS format product family, already including ZEN PLUS, a high-energy battery system range launched in 2022.

The new battery system released by Forsee Power

The system is available in two options, 52 kWh and 56 kWh. It can support both 650V motorization and 800V motorization within a same battery format. FLEX PLUS can be charged and discharged with a continuous current of 160A at 2C and are suitable for peak charge and discharge of 400A at 5C.

Forsee Power engineers have selected NMC lithium-ion cells which, combined with high-performance liquid thermal management, offer a lifetime of 8,000 cycles to Forsee Power’s new FLEX PLUS. Finally, the innovative PLUS format reduces costs by increasing the volume of purchases for the casing and other components, thus offering a very competitive option to OEMs.


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