The Mitsubishi FUSO brand, part of the Daimler Truck family, celebrates its 90th anniversary this month. As a matter of fact, the origin of the FUSO name dates back to May 1932, when Mitsubishi’s first gasoline bus, the ‘B46 type shared car’, manufactured at the Kobe Shipyard of the former Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, was branded FUSO. The word “Fuso” originally refers to a large sacred tree that was once said to be in the place of the sunrise in China. The word is now used as a name for the hibiscus flower. It is also said that it was used as a synonym for Japan in ancient China.

The FUSO brand today: efforts on the development of the eCanter truck

FUSO now delivers trucks and buses to more than 170 countries and regions, supporting transportation and businesses not only in Japan but around the world. The light-duty Canter truck is highly regarded around the world. In 2017, FUSO launched Japan’s first mass-produced electric light-duty eCanter truck.

The next generation of the eCanter electric truck is now being tested in Japan before mass production starts. Last year, FUSO communicated that at least 250 electric trucks had already been delivered all around the word, precisely in five continents.


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