GAUSSIN will soon expand its French production site, located in Saint Vallier, in the Saône-et-Loire region, in order to meet the increased demand of yard and terminal tractors, both battery-electric and fuel cell powered. The French company announced the installation of a new 28,000 square-meter site in a region where the group was already present with a former production site. Immediately available, and previously in the hands of the American material handling group Terex, then the Scandinavian group Konecranes, which closed it in March 2021, this new site does not require a building permit and already has the necessary infrastructure.

GAUSSIN: the new production site addressed to ATM and APM vehicles

The brand-new site will be dedicated to the manufacturing of ATM logistics (pictured above) and APM port vehicles in order to meet the increasing demand on the European and American markets in particular. GAUSSIN has quite a long experience in the design and manufacturing of these types of heavy vehicles, as Executive VP Jean-Claude Bailly told us in this exclusive interview. The French company, which is collaborating with Italian Pininfarina as for vehicle design, is developing a road skateboard that will be the base for its first family of heavy-duty road trucks, either BEV or FCEV.

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More into details of the French production facility, it will be able to accommodate 8 production lines, each capable of manufacturing 200 vehicles, for a total capacity of 1,600 vehicles per year. This will bring the total capacity to 2,400 vehicles per year. In the immediate future, it will allow the production of 400 additional vehicles per year and will make it possible to meet the contracts signed with the world leaders in e-commerce, transport and logistics.

Gaussin APM H2
Gaussin APM H2

CEO Christophe Gaussin’s comment

«The acquisition of this new site is excellent news which reflects GAUSSIN’s growing strength and change of dimension. It will enable us to cope with the strong growth of the market, and in particular with the demand from major retail and e-commerce players in Europe and North America for our ATM and APM vehicles», commented Christophe Gaussin, CEO of GAUSSIN.


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