UK-based hydrogen vehicle OEM HVS (here’s something about what they do) is calling for the implementation of a ‘pay-as-you-pollute’ carbon-based pricing scheme on fossil-fuelled heavy vehicles to drive a faster transition to clean technology.

Welcoming a letter, signed by over 40 leading companies such as Nestle, Pepsico, and Nike sent to the EU last week, which has called for more ambitious CO2 standards, plus a clear date for 100% of new trucks to be zero emission, HVS believes simply setting carbon reduction targets without accompanying policy measures is not sufficient.

Recently, an influential coalition of companies appealed to Members of the European Parliament and Environment Ministers to enact stricter EU-wide emissions regulations and adopt more ambitious CO2 standards. Specifically, the group has urged for an increase in the 2030 CO2 emissions cut target from 45% to 65%.


Jawad Khursheed, CEO of HVS, speaking

“There is a real urgency for the transition to zero-emission heavy goods vehicles, so we are very encouraged to see parties across the industry actively initiate a call to action for policymakers to make those decisions that will expedite this shift. Collectively, we need to work together to push for bolder decisions and ambition from current proposals, which is desperately required to help advance the development of zero-emission solutions”, stated Jawad Khursheed, CEO of HVS.

“However, we need to do more than simply call for carbon reduction targets – these must be backed by a series of policy levers to effectively deliver them, which is why HVS believes the best approach is for carbon pricing. The polluter must pay, whether that’s through escalating fossil fuel prices, EU support for operators buying zero emission heavy vehicles based on well-to-wheel emissions and more comprehensive carbon-based road pricing. HGVs are the second largest contributors to UK transport emissions and with their numbers increasing, their emissions are likely to increase”, he added.


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