ACEA released the latest registration data framing the European truck and van market. Considering all power sources, vans continue to grow by 12.6%, while truck registrations start to decrease by 4%. What’s more interesting for our website, electrically chargeable trucks with GVW over 3.5 tons (ACEA puts in the same group either BEVs and plug-in hybrids) grew by a robust 29.5%, securing almost 2% of the market share, up from 1.4% last year. Germany led this expansion with a 173.7% growth, contributing to 56% of the EU’s electrically chargeable truck sales.


ACEA data frame e-van and e-truck penetration in Europe

As for vans, electrically chargeable vans experienced a more modest 4.2% growth, capturing a 5.8% market share, a slight decrease from 6.2% last year. Hybrid van sales are gradually gaining pace, with a 12.6% growth, while only accounting for 2.2% share of the market.

In the EU, the EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and UK, slightly over 31,400 e-vans have been registered, while there was only a very modest growth among medium-sized trucks (from 3.5 to 16 tons). Heavy commercial vehicles with electric motor over 16 tons were 969, against 629 in Q1, 2023. Germany, the Netherlands and France lead the chart with three-digit registrations.


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