Tevva has been carrying out some massive tests on its hydrogen-electric trucks. Tevva’s engineers accumulated more than 1,000 km in the 7.5t hydrogen-electric vehicle, driving between Tevva’s London HQ and the Scottish border at Berwick-on-Tweed – England’s most northernmost town. According to Tevva, the return journey saw the truck cover about 560 km alone, without needing a single stop for recharging.

“Amazing range” for Tevva’s hydrogen-electric trucks

“It was an amazing trip and we were so pleased the truck covered so many miles on the return leg, without the need to stop for a charge”, commented Lead Engineer, Charlie Cordell. “The trip was a terrific demonstration of the range you can achieve in a truck that uses a blended system of electric and hydrogen. The freezing conditions were extremely challenging, but helpful too, in allowing us to gather important data about vehicle performance, meaning we could make tweaks here and there and tailor its development”. Temperatures rarely climbed above freezing during the trip, and at one point it dropped to minus 10.

Tevva hydrogen-electric truck 1

Tevva is an active player in helping build the battery-electric and hydrogen infrastructure ecosystem (here’s their 7.5 ton electric truck, now being produced), and recognises that the speed and scalability of hydrogen refuelling systems will be crucial to adoption while keeping costs under control. By adding hydrogen into the energy mix, the UK-based manufacturer delivers a solution that gives operators the ability to decarbonise their fleets at the pace needed by climate science and demanded by society. The company is taking a dual-energy approach to zero-emission mobility, utilising the best of battery-electric and hydrogen technology to maximise the performance of our vehicles.


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