At Road Transport Expo, a new truck exhibition just held in the UK, Tevva launched its first hydrogen-powered truck with up to 500 km range and tanks capable to be refilled in something like 10 minutes. The UK-based newcomer then made a move also in the hydrogen field, after releasing its 7.5-ton electric truck a few months ago. Tevva will mass produce the hydrogen truck in the Tilbury, UK.

Tevva hydrogen truck: the role of fuel cells

According to Tevva’s philosophy, the fuel cell system tops up the battery, extending the vehicle’s range and allowing the truck to carry heavier loads over longer distances. One advantage of using the fuel cell as a range extender, rather than the primary source of power, is that it allows Tevva to provide smaller, cheaper and lighter fuel cells and operate these at the highest possible efficiency.

In addition, hydrogen refuelling typically takes a similar time to diesel truck refuelling (5-20 minutes) and the dual-use of both battery electric and hydrogen energy sources future-proofs Tevva and its customers as the transition away from fossil fuels and the decarbonization of the transport industry continues.

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«A new range of technologies for the post-fossil fuel future»

“We are excited to launch our hydrogen electric HGV, creating a landmark moment for Tevva and UK manufacturing. We firmly believe that the post-fossil fuel future, which is quickly approaching, will see a new range of technologies and fuels take centre stage in the transport industry”, said Tevva CEO and founder Asher Bennett. “By embracing hydrogen, we are futureproofing ourselves, our clients and the industries and communities they operate in. We also pride ourselves on the fact that our vehicles are safe, reliable and go the distance. Combined with our commitment to customer service, we believe that Tevva’s hydrogen electric truck will be a popular choice for fleet operators across the UK, Europe and eventually North America”.

As previously announced, Tevva chose Loop Energy as fuel cell system supplier. “We are extremely happy to provide our fuel cell system to power the revolutionary zero-emissions truck Tevva is bringing to market. From the tender process through to the integration of the first vehicles, we have been consistently impressed with the vision and execution of the entire Tevva team”, stated Ben Nyland, Loop Energy President & CEO.


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