Hydrogen-related projects have been carried out in Sweden for quite along time. Two more projects are in the spotlight in these days, with primary players, such as Hynion and Everfuel, involved. In particular, Hynion is set build the hydrogen stations for the future in Västerås and Jönköping, two Swedish cities. The stations will have a capacity of 1500 kg hydrogen per day and be built to facilitate the trucks that now will be phased in.

“This is an important step forward for hydrogen for the transport sector”, said Slavica Djuric, CEO of Hynion Sweden. “We now see clear actions from the Swedish authorities that they are serious about introducing hydrogen for heavy transport, which makes us very optimistic about the development. These two stations are located in central logistics hubs which mean that a lot to the transport companies that now will convert to zero emissions. Cars will of course also be welcomed”.

Everfuel plans for hydrogen development in Sweden

At the same time, Everfuel Sweden AB has received about 7.5 million euro grant for building three hydrogen refuelling stations in Sweden. All stations will support fuelling for passenger vehicles as well as heavy-duty vehicles. The stations will be built around the cities of Helsingborg, Luleå and Sundsvall, which offers an extensive infrastructure network along the main Swedish traffic corridors, supporting initial fuel cell fleets and strategic roll-out of hydrogen infrastructure.

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Everfuel is pushing on hydrogen development in Scandinavia

A subsidiary of Everfuel A/S, namely Everfuel Sweden, entered into a cooperation agreement with primary Scandinavian fuel company OKQ8 in order to boost the hydrogen market in Sweden. In addition, a cooperation agreement was recently signed with Greenstat «for developing commercially competitive hyd…

“With this amount of funding, our roll-out plan in Sweden has taken a great leap forward. It shows that
Sweden is ready to work towards establishing and supporting a hydrogen infrastructure that can offer
more zero emission opportunities for vehicle owners”, stated Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO of Everfuel. The stations supported by Energimyndigheten must be commissioned in 2023. The short timeframe for
implementation is set to secure an infrastructure that is ready to support the hydrogen powered vehicles
as they grow in numbers over the coming years.


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