At IAA Transportation, Krone unveiled the up-to-date version of its Dry Liner STG trailer line with new available safety options. The trailer is now equipped with an air-suspended axle unit with self-steering axle to allow safe and agile manoeuvring at all times, even in confined conditions. In addition, a reversing camera facilitates the driver’s work.

Another safety feature is the Krone Smart Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which determines the pressures and temperatures of the tyres and transmits them to the Krone Smart Collect telematics unit so that the data can be visualised in the truck’s cab and in the Krone Telematics Portal.

Krone Dry Liner STG: chassis features and available lengths

Besides, for increased stability against collision damage, the chassis is equipped with a raised front rail as standard, and the rear lights are mounted on the diagonally reinforced, ramp-compatible rear with protection. Inside, the body is protected by a lateral, double-walled, approx. 360 mm high forklift collision protection with bulk material drain. Above this, the side walls with a full-surface keyhole system and the lashing rings in the side rail provide the infrastructure for continuous load securing.

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The Dry Liner STG is available in various vehicle lengths. In addition to the standard length of 13.6 metres, there is also a long truck version, type 1, with a length of 15 metres. In addition, there is the 11 metre version for city logistics, which can be equipped with forced steering. A mega version is also available for all types. Furthermore, there are TIR equipment, ferry and rail packages.


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