Lidl has started using the very first fuel cell truck, fed by green hydrogen, in the French retail sector. The company was supported by Jacky Perrenot and Lhyfe in this project. The truck has been operating at the Carquefou platform since the beginning of the year, delivering to Lidl supermarkets in the Nantes region, marking a first in the French haulage landscape.

The truck used by Lidl fed by Lhyfe green hydrogen

More into details, this first new-generation 26-tonne truck is fitted with a 100 kW fuel cell and has a range of 400 kilometres. It will refuel at the multi-energy station in La Roche-sur-Yon, which opened in December 2021, and will be supplied with 100% renewable green hydrogen by Lhyfe. The vehicle was adapted by Jacky Perrenot, who has been involved in the fight against climate change since 2012 and holds the “Objectif CO2” label for its commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

“We’re proud to have put this first green hydrogen vehicle on the road, which represents a significant step forward in our commitment to the energy transition”, said Xavier Pierre, Head of Transport and Environment at Lidl. “This collaboration with Lhyfe and the Jacky PerrenotGroup is a concrete example of our desire to work with partners who share our values and ambition.”


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