Plug Power and Lhyfe, the latter a pioneer producer and supplier of hydrogen solutions, announced an partnership to jointly pursue and develop green hydrogen generation plants throughout Europe. The initiative seeks to generate a total hydrogen capacity of 300 MW by 2025, and to start the development of a 1 GW production site. Plug Power is the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen globally and has been present in Europe for more than 10 years. The company has made significant progress in deploying hydrogen applications with key European industrials, logistics customers and vehicle manufacturers, including its joint venture with Renault called HYVIA. Plug Power has installed several PEM technology solutions in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Portugal, and recently announced the launch of its European headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The terms of the agreement reached by Plug Power and Lhyfe

The agreement builds upon the working relationship already established between the two companies earlier this year. In that project, Plug Power’s hydrogen electrolyzer technology will provide 1 MW of capacity to the world’s first offshore hydrogen production facility, developed by Lhyfe and powered by electricity from a floating wind turbine off the coast of Le Croisic, at SEM-REV, Centrale Nantes’ offshore test site, which will be operational by 2022.

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«We’re thrilled to expand our work with Lhyfe, bringing the green hydrogen revolution throughout Europe», said Andy Marsh, CEO for Plug Power. «The team at Lhyfe have bold ambitions and capabilities that align with our own vision for a decarbonized future, and ability to scale hydrogen infrastructure quickly. In North America, we’ve already built a robust ‘hydrogen highway,’ which includes 165 hydrogen fueling stations and stationary power for businesses and institutions, a success we plan to replicate in Europe».

The will is to deploy numerous hydrogen production sites

«We are very proud of the confidence that a player such as Plug Power has in our determination and ability to produce totally clean hydrogen», said Matthieu Guesné, CEO and founder of Lhyfe. «Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to rely on Plug Power’s cutting-edge technology to deploy numerous hydrogen production sites onshore and offshore, in Europe but also in North America, which has particularly important decarbonization needs, in particular to replace the fossil fuel products that are still extracted and consumed on a massive scale».


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