MAN and ABB E-mobility have announced quite an important cooperation in view of heavy-duty long-haul electric truck development. The two global players are revving up for the next phase of electromobility: operational capability for heavy-duty long-haul trucking with daily ranges between 600 and 800 kilometers.

MAN and ABB E-mobility: the background

A little bit of background, first of all: MAN Truck & Bus, which is also engaged in some relevant projects over autonomous trucking, pushed by the strategy of the TRATON Group, announced back in February 2022, the decision to anticipate the release of the first battery-electric heavy-duty truck to 2024. ABB E-mobility is signing some partnerships with primary brands or manufacturers in order to provide megawatt charging network, the only viable solution to recharge long-haul trucks.

«We need to decarbonize road freight transport to achieve our climate targets. To make this happen, we are focusing above all on the market ramp-up of climate friendly commercial vehicles and the development of a corresponding high-performance charging infrastructure. The project we are supporting on high-performance charging for e-trucks on the A2 is providing important learnings. What is important now, is to get more e-trucks on the road quickly. The partnership between MAN and ABB shows that we are on the right track», said Federal Minister of Digital and Transport, Volker Wissing.

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Megawatt charging is key

«We aim to facilitate electromobility in all areas», added Frank Mühlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility. «We have been working on developing the corresponding performance standards for many years. Megawatt charging will require new power technology with more than 1,000 volts, so systemic electrical safety and reliability are essential at these power levels and for the foreseeable use cases. Our shared ambition is to bring this new technology to market within three years. In the past, such development phases have often taken much longer».

Potrebbe interessarti

A binding and uniform standard is also crucial for the introduction of megawatt charging technology. Germany could set benchmarks here: more than 20 partners from industry and science, including MAN and ABB, are working on the high-performance charging project (known as “HoLa” in German), which is funded by the German government and is the world’s first megawatt charging project. Two high-performance charging points with megawatt charging systems (MCS) are being built at four locations along the A2 federal highway. The project is intended to serve as the basis for nationwide expansion.


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