Within the so-called “Mobility Study on Low-Noise Logistics” conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, MAN certified the noise emission reduction of its brand-new eTruck, the very first electric truck designed by the Bavarian company and to be manufactured from the next year on. According to the study, the electric trucks are perceived – especially at low speeds – as only about half as loud as comparable diesel trucks.

“Based on the measurements, the level for the eTruck is about 6 dB lower for steady passing at 20 km/h. If one takes into account here that the diesel truck measured here is about 5 dB quieter at 20 km/h than the typical approach from the literature, the difference between the eTruck and the literature approach increases to 11 dB”, explained Michael Wirtz, project manager of the measurements at Peutz Consult GmbH. “The eTruck is thus about half as loud as a classic diesel truck in terms of auditory impression. For the accelerated approach, there was an even more significant level difference between the two trucks of 12 dB”. In order to be able to classify the noise development of the MAN eTruck even better, Wirtz draws a comparison with conventionally driven passenger cars: “With a sound power level of approx. 49 dB(A)/m at 20 km/h, the eTruck is only 1dB ‘louder’ than the passenger car with 48 dB(A)/m.”

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Lowered noise for the MAN eTruck

“There is currently no market overview or standardized information on noise emissions from alternatively powered commercial vehicles used in logistics in Germany,” added Daniela Kirsch, project manager at Fraunhofer IML, explaining the problem in Germany. “That’s why we need a solution like the PIEK certificate that companies can use for orientation.”

The study is expected to be published in early 2024. The data for it was collected, among other things, during a series of measurements on the MAN test track in Munich. Experts sent the MAN eTruck and a conventional diesel-powered MAN TGX 18.510 of the same weight class onto the track and measured their noise levels. The trucks in question were semitrailer trucks with a total weight of 40 tons. Employees of the accredited measurement center Peutz Consult GmbH carried out the measurements on behalf of Fraunhofer IML. They set up calibrated hand-held sound level meters on the right and left of the carriageway, each at a distance of 7.5 m.


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