MAN’s zero-emission strategy was one of the main highlights at the press preview event held in these days in Austria, not far from Salzburg. Here, the Bavarian manufacturer gathered over 200 journalists from all over Europe, and more, who could experience test drives with the latest trucks, vans and buses, as well as listening to the company’s strategy in view of IAA.

We’ll have a thorough article on the next issue of Sustainable Truck&Van magazine, to be released in September and distributed at IAA Hannover, about the eTruck, the very first electric truck designed and built by MAN, as well as crucial for the manufacturer’s decarbonization strategy. Indeed, MAN relies on electrification also for long-haul applications: the eTGX and eTGS were conceived with a central drive, instead of e-axles, so the geometry of the frame hasn’t changed compared to the conventional ICE versions. Up to nine different wheelbases are available, with either mechanical or electro-mechanical PTOs.


MAN eTruck: the strategy about batteries

Each battery pack (at IAA, MAN will launch the truck version with seven battery packs; so far, the maximum was six) has up to 80 kWh net capacity. The packs are assembled at the new MAN battery factory in Nuremberg. As confirmed by PM Achim Demattio at the press preview, the cells are CATL, manufactured in Germany through the Volkswagen group supply chain. “They’re specifically designed for commercial vehicles, capable of standing high-power charging. We can guarantee 1.6 million km or 13 years for long-haul application. Aftwerwards, the state of charge is by 70%”.

Megawatt charging is a key topic for MAN, which has been testing the ultra-fast charging solution together with ABB. “We’re ready for MCS, and the eTruck can be equipped with megawatt charging output, placed on the left hand side of the vehicle”, told us Achim Demattio. “The tests carried out so far were extremely successful”. The MCS standard will allow users to charge the truck during the mandatory breaks for drivers: that’s the ultimate goal to give a boost to electric truck sales.


The very first truck with hydrogen-powered ICE

In Austria, MAN allowed journalists to test also the hTGX, the very first truck equipped with hydrogen-powered ICE. The zero-emission tractor is conceived for “markets with a strong demand for hydrogen”, told us Peter Albrect, Senior manager engeneering drivetrain. Insufficient grid expansion, challenging weather conditions, heavy-duty applications and suitable use cases for hydrogen, which will be a niche for MAN, as confirmed at the press conference. Hydrogen trucks will be produced in small series, first of all, in 28 or 30 ton versions, and 6×2 or 6×4 configurations.


More into technical details, the hydrogen-powered engine has 520 hp, 2500 Nm maximum torque, and 16.8 liter displacement. The range is about 600 km, with indicative consumption of about 9 kg of hydrogen every 100 km. The overall storage capacity – four tanks are placed right behind the cabin – is 56 kg. Compared to a conventional diesel engine, no changes to cooling system or driveline are needed, and the aftertreatment system is simplified due to the characteristics of hydrogen itself. Refueling time at 700 bar requires about 15 minutes. The very first models will be available in 2025.

MAN CEO Vlaskamp speaking

“The hydrogen combustion engine can be a useful addition for special applications, as can the fuel cell drive, which is currently still under development. In addition, the diesel drive will continue to play an important role throughout the entire transformation until it is completely replaced”, said MAN Truck & Bus CEO, Alexander Vlaskamp. “In future, we will be producing combustion engine and electric trucks on the same production line in order to be able to react flexibly to the shift in demand towards electric trucks. However, for the drive revolution to succeed, the expansion of the charging infrastructure must be an absolute priority for politicians, infrastructure operators and manufacturers”.


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