Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Autobahn GmbH were involved in a joint project based on the use of the Mercedes eActros 600 electric truck. Autobahn GmbH used a prototype of the electric truck on a section of the A2 highway between Hamm and Bielefeld with a semitrailer supplied by Epoke. The semitrailer enabled the spreading of brine, a preventive measure against ice employed as a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional road salt, at a speed of 80 km/h up to a width of 12 meters.


Mercedes eActros 600 working along German Autobahn

The brine spreader is controlled wirelessly via a radio remote control. Testing has shown that preventive spreading of brine in winter service operations can be mastered with electric trucks. As for the Mercedes eActros 600, officially launched in October 2023, the start of series production is planned for the end of 2024.

According to the German manufacturer, with the current European energy mix, the eActros 600 achieves CO2 savings of around 40 percent compared to a comparable diesel Actros and, with fully renewable energies, of more than 80 percent over the entire product life cycle of ten years from raw material extraction.


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