Series production of the second electric truck manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, namely the eEconic, has officially started in Wörth-am-Rhein. This is quite a significant milestone for the German manufacturer, coming after the official presentation of the electric truck, at the end of May at IFAT exhibition in Münich (here’s our live report), as well as after the completion of customer tests in Frankfurt (and in other German cities).

eEconic series production

We said the eEconic is the second electric model within the Mercedes-Benz range as the very first electric truck to be serially produced was the eActros, since October 2021, also in Wörth-am-Rhein. Mercedes-Benz Trucks revealed that the first eEconic from series production will be handed over to Urbaser A/S, a company operating in the waste disposal sector in Denmark. Other customers have already opted for the series-production eEconic. The vehicles are to be delivered successively over the course of the year.

The eEconic series production in Wörth

The eEconic will be manufactured in the existing Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks assembly line, in parallel and flexibly alongside the trucks that will be powered by internal combustion engines. After the vehicle has been largely assembled, the eEconic’s electrification continues in the Future Truck Center, where – just like the eActros – it is equipped with the electric drive components. In several production steps, the high-voltage batteries and the charging unit are installed, among other things. Once all high-voltage components have been assembled, the entire system can be put into operation and the truck is ready to drive. 

Potrebbe interessarti

“From the sketch to the finished vehicle, from the prototype to the production truck – now the time has come: with the eEconic, we are putting the first electrically powered and series-produced Mercedes-Benz Special Truck on the road. The exchange with our customers has shown: cities and municipalities want CO2-neutral vehicles for their fleets. Especially with regard to large cities, there is a need for quiet, clean and safe logistics and waste disposal solutions. And we offer just the right truck for this”, commented Ralf Forcher, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.


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