Mercedes-Benz Trucks tested the whole eActros product line in Rovaniemi, Finland, in order to verify the vehicle operational readiness. More into details, Mercedes tested the eActros LongHaul and eActros 300 as a tractor unit under extreme conditions at temperatures down to minus 25 degrees Celsius.

As underlined by the manufacturer, the tests focused in particular on the effects of extreme cold on handling, ergonomics and comfort. Tests also examined criteria such as the starting properties and drive components’ protection from low temperatures, thermal management, charging properties and robustness of the sensors.

Mercedes electric trucks under harsh conditions

Mercedes-Benz Truck development engineers took a close look at all the functions and systems of the vehicles in practical use on the trip to Finland. Since several national borders had to be crossed, it was also possible to measure the impact of country-specific lane markings, traffic signs or digital map data on the performance of the assistance systems installed in the trucks. The fact that the trucks were tested all day long also allowed aspects such as the comfort of the driver’s seat to be evaluated.


In the case of the eActros LongHaul and the eActros 300 Tractor, experts paid particular attention to the battery properties and the electric drivetrain on site in adverse weather conditions. For this purpose, elements including starting properties and drive components’ protection from low temperatures, software and interfaces were tested. In addition, thermal and energy management systems were subjected to intensive testing. Both ensure that both the drivetrain and the driver’s cab are temperature-controlled correctly and energy-efficiently, even at low temperatures.

It’s a matter of heating

This showed, for example, that the eActros LongHaul generally heats the cab faster than a diesel truck thanks to its smaller heating circuit with high output. However, since the energy for this is taken from the batteries installed in the vehicle and therefore the range is reduced, so-called pre-conditioning of the electric truck at a charging station is advisable. After pre-conditioning, the eActros LongHaul loses less range even in extremely low temperatures.


“We are very satisfied with our test results. The tests of the batteries and electric drivetrain properties at extreme temperatures or of the vehicle’s driving properties on slick, icy roads show: Even in very wintry conditions, our battery-powered trucks are fully operational”, stated Christof Weber, Head of Global Testing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.


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