Milence has just announced the intention to open two new charging hubs in Germany located on key TEN-T corridors. The JV shared by TRATON, Volvo and Daimler Truck had lately announced a couple of charging hubs in France (see here and here). This is our post with the exclusive interview with Milence CEO, Anja van Niersen.

Back to the latest news, the German charging hubs are under construction and scheduled to open in the 2nd half of 2024. These hubs are located north and south of Leipzig, and will connect Berlin with southern Germany, reinforcing Milence’s commitment to a fossil-free future for road transport. 

Milence’s charging hubs scheduled in Germany

Namely, the first charging hub will be near Hermsdorfer Kreuz, in Thüringen, a key location on the corridor and strategically located on the A4 between Poland and Frankfurt am Main. The hub is expected to be operational in September 2024 and will allow all trucks, regardless of brand, to recharge.  

The second hub in Vockerode, Sachsen-Anhalt, scheduled to open in July 2024, is strategically located on the A9 between Berlin and Leipzig. Its location next to a new secure truck park will allow drivers to benefit from the best amenities. Both charging hubs will offer a range of amenities designed to enhance the driver’s rest and recharge experience. These will be local and not operated by Milence. 


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