Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) has signed an agreement with San Francisco-based company Ample. The two partners are expected to start a collaboration on a pilot project on battery swapping technology for electric trucks in Japan.

MFTBC and Ample will collaborate to pair the manufacturer’s e-vehicle solutions with Ample’s Modular Battery Swapping technology with an initial deployment based on the latest model of the all-electric FUSO eCanter for the Japanese market. The two companies will install an eCanter with modular batteries that can be automatically exchanged at Ample battery swapping stations in a target time of five minutes. The test deployment will serve as an important resource in evaluating customer experience, scalability and potential for commercialization in the domestic market. The vehicle’s trial on public roads is scheduled for this winter in Japan.

Battery swapping tests on the next-gen FUSO eCanter

Ample has developed an innovative battery swapping solution that is faster and more cost-effective for users than existing charging solutions. The company provides energy delivery as a service, and has focused on last-mile delivery, ride hailing, and car sharing use cases. With Ample’s patented technology, the process of exchanging eCanter battery modules inside a battery swapping station could take as little as five minutes, allowing both companies to offer a mobility solution that meets the needs of middle and last-mile delivery use cases.


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