The all-new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter was recently launched in North America. The e-van will be available as a 170” wheelbase cargo van with a high roof equipped with a 113 kWh battery (usable capacity). Equipped with the largest battery available, the electric range, based on a simulation using the WLTP cycle, is up to 440 km. The simulated range based on the WLTP city cycle is up to 530 km. In addition, The lithium/iron phosphate technology eliminates the use of any cobalt or nickel and is ideal for light commercial vehicles due to its durability. 

The all-new eSprinter is based on a new concept consisting of three modules, making it easy to adapt the platform to a multitude of vehicle variants. The front module contains all high-voltage components and can be combined with all variants regardless of wheelbase and battery size. The integrated high-voltage battery is located in the center module, tucked into a robust battery housing in the underbody to save space. This location results in a low center of gravity, which positively influences vehicle handling and helps increase driving safety. The rear module houses the compact and powerful electric motor, which drives the rear axle.

Mercedes eSprinter: a whole package of ADAS

The permanent magnet synchronous motor is available in power levels of either 100 or 150 kilowatts of peak output. The standard Active Brake Assist, which can provide braking support in an emergency, is just one of the assistance systems offered. Other features include Blind Spot Assist and Attention Assist. An additional interior highlight is the optional digital rear view mirror offering the driver unobstructed views of the outside rear of the vehicle and a distinct advantage when in reverse.

The all-new eSprinter is capable of charging with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The on-board charger, which converts the current in the vehicle when charging with alternating current such as at a wallbox, has a maximum charging power of 9.6 kilowatts. To minimize charging times for customers, the all-new eSprinter can be charged with up to 115 kW at fast-charging stations. Fast charging from 10 to 80 percent of full capacity takes just over 40 minutes for the 113 kWh battery.

The all-new eSprinter comes with a comprehensive service package which is intended to reduce the total cost of ownership while ensuring high uptime. With the free battery certificate, Mercedes-Benz guarantees, following the legal liability for material defects and the Mercedes-Benz new vehicle warranty, for the duration of 8 years in total from delivery or initial registration or up to 100,000 total miles.

The new eSprinter can be ordered also in Europe, with 56 kWh and (later on) 81 kWh additional battery pack options.


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