During the inauguration of the Nikola-IVECO factory in Ulm we had a chat with Diego Borghese, CEO of Nikola IVECO Europe, the name of the joint venture between the two companies. With him we had the opportunity to retrace the process that led to the creation of the factory in which the Nikola Tre BEV truck will soon be produced. The highly flexible, integrated and automated assembly lines will soon allow Nikola IVECO Europe to start manufacturing the FCEV truck, now available as a prototype, using the very same lines.

The partnership between Nikola and IVECO dates back to 2019, when the electrification projects were announced. At the end of the same year, the first BEV prototypes were introduced in Turin. In the last two years, the joint venture has been working hard in order to be ready for serial production. The first electric trucks will be addressed to the US market for homologation reasons, but the plans of the JV for the Ulm factory are focused on Europe. As a matter of fact, the Hamburg Port Authority has signed an agreement with Nikola IVECO Europe for the purchase of 25 BEV trucks to be used for logistic operations within the port area.

Watch our video interview with CEO Diego Borghese


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