Celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary, Proton Motor has officially launched its new modern 13,500 sqm fuel cell production facility. The plant is located in Fuerstenfeldbruck in the Munich metropolitan region, and relies on a total commercial space area of 25,700 sqm. The expansion through the second company location supplements the 6,000 sqm headquarters in Puchheim, about 12 km away, which will become a development centre for fuel cell stacks and hydrogen fuel cell engines.

Comments on Proton Motor’s new fuel cell facility

“Personally, it makes me very proud and happy that my successful team supports the commitment to expand production capacities at the new modern production site. On the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary, the focus is on the overall performance of Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH, which makes an entrepreneurial statement about what hydrogen, with its key related technologies such as fuel cells, means for energy security and in the fight against global warming”, commented Faiz Nahab, Chief Executive Officer of Proton Motor.


In the context of political awareness that hydrogen and fuel cells will play a fundamental role in overcoming the climate and energy crisis, Proton Motor Fuel Cell expects demand to rise sharply. Therefore, the strategic roadmap envisages an annual increase in production capacity at the new site to 5,000 hydrogen fuel cell engines and gradually up to 30,000 fuel cell stacks. Cost-intensive investment risk is indicated, which alongside organic employee growth, forms the basis of the company`s growth.


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