German fuel cell specialist Proton Motor will soon expand its current manufacturing capability, due to “rapid market growth”, as stated by the company itself. More into details, Proton Motor’s UK parent
company Proton Motor Power Systems plc has signed a fifteen-year lease agreement for a modern 13,500 square meters production facility.

The expansion will supplement the current 6,000 square meters site in Puchheim, Germany, which will now become the development facility for fuel cell stacks and hydrogen fuel cell engines. The total land surface of the site is 25,700 square meters. The new premises comprise over 13,500 square meters of useable space, of which over 10,500 square meters can be dedicated to production, testing and development with the remainder of the space being devoted to office usage.

Proton Motor’s plans to face sustainability issues

With enhancement of production capacity in line with the expected increase in order volumes to combat global climate warming and to push the security of energy supply, the Proton Motor Board of Directors has approved the expansion of the company production facilities.

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“Hydrogen is the energy storage source of the future and awareness of this is increasing to a considerable extent both amongst the public and within industry. This creates a strong market-pull for associated technologies such as fuel cells. With this background, the additional space provided by the new facility will give Proton Motor the required capacity to produce, test and deliver hydrogen fuel cell engines in line with this anticipated growing demand”, stated Faiz Nahab, CEO of Proton Motor.



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