Renault Group and Phoenix Mobility are collaborating to develop a retrofit kit capable to convert ICE-powered LCVs into electric vans. The two companies agreed on a strategic partnership, starting with a letter of intent: the co-development is based on Renault Group‘s expertise in the field of electric vehicles and its industrial know-how at the Re-Factory in Flins, as well as on the experience of Phoenix Mobility, a French pioneer in the retrofit of commercial vehicles.

A retrofit kit for vehicles more than 5 years old

The solution enables a combustion engine commercial vehicle that is more than 5 years old to be converted to electric power. According to the partners, the first stage, in the form of a “Proof of Concept”, consist of a co-development phase with the aim of marketing a first retrofit kit for Renault Master before the end of 2023.

The objective of this first stage will be to market and install around 1,000 Retrofit kits and to demonstrate to professional customers the benefits of the retrofit approach (electric driving comfort, respect for the environment, economic gains, etc.). Eventually, this innovative solution will be extended to other models. Benefiting from the industrial know-how of the Re-Factory teams in Flins the kits will be assembled by the Renault Group on this site dedicated to the circular economy.

Statements from Renault and Phoenix Mobility

“Renault Group, a major player in electric vehicles, is once again positioning itself as a pioneer in developing an innovative retrofit solution in a market that is still in its infancy and has great potential. This partnership with Phoenix Mobility represents the first association between a car manufacturer and a promising start-up to launch a new commercial offer on the after-sales market and thus meet the expectations of our professional customers looking for more sustainable and more economical mobility solutions. This project is fully in line with Renault Group’s strategy to make the Re-Factory in Flins the first site dedicated to the Circular Economy of mobility”, declared François Delion, After Sales Director of Renault Group.

“Pioneer and leader in the retrofit of public and professional fleets for the past 3 years, Phoenix Mobility continues its industrialization strategy thanks to this strategic partnership with Renault Group. This new stage in our development will enable us to rapidly address the growing market demand”, added Wadie Maaninou, Founder and CEO of Phoenix Mobility.


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