Scania have recently announced a new charging solutions company called Erinion. The latter was established with the aim of supporting customers’ transition to electric transport. According to the Swedish manufacturer, such strategic move will see 40,000 new charging points installed at customer locations and will strengthen the Scania Group’s e-mobility offer in the future transport ecosystem. This will be a key factor in fulfilling Scania´s declared ambition for 50 percent of its sales volume in Europe to be electric by 2030.

Initially, the new company will establish its market presence in Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Germany. A global rollout will follow in due course. The brand-agnostic approach ensures that businesses of all types, regardless of vehicle brand, can benefit from Erinion’s charging infrastructure and operational services.

Scania’s Erinion to be mainly focused on depot charging

According to Scania’s vision, providing predictable energy costs and tailored solutions for each customer’s operations, depot and destination charging enable optimised charging power levels and schedules, while improving battery life and overall vehicle efficiency. Also, because depot charging often occurs during off-peak hours, this means lower and more controlled electricity rates, while destination charging can happen on an opportunistic basis while a driver is resting or delivering goods.   

Actually, depot charging goes beyond providing chargers, grid connections and handling installation. With the new company, Scania’s transport customers will be able to take advantage of advanced integrated software and hardware, as well as operational services and support.

“With our solution, customers get peace of mind and can focus on their core business, while a specialised charging unit takes care of the hardware, software, financing and operational services required to operate charging at scale with superior quality and cost efficiency,” explained Jonas Hernlund, Head of Energy and Infrastructure at Scania Group.  


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