Scania electric trucks are headed to Asia, and Singapore precisely, where waste collection company ALBA W&H Smart City ordered 15 Scania L230 battery-electric B6x2*4 trucks after winning a new contract for public waste collection for the Woodlands-Yishun sector of the island city state.

Each truck’s low-entry cab, rear loader and nine batteries with 297 kWh installed makes it well-suited to the demands of collecting waste in Singapore. With six million people sharing just 728 square kilometres, the city is one of the world’s most densely populated urban territories, making efficient, emission-free and quiet waste collection a key contributor to achieving a more sustainable quality of life.

Scania benefited from Singapore Government’s strong commitment

As a matter of fact, the sale of the trucks was partly driven by the Republic of Singapore Government’s strong commitment to sustainable transport. The authorities have made it a pre-requisite of all public transport tenders that a certain minimum amount of the waste collection fleet must be electric-powered.

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The 15 new truck chassis are being built at Scania’s main assembly line in Södertälje, Sweden, and will be shipped to Singapore in the middle of the year. There, the vehicles will have special waste compactor bodies fitted onto their chassis, and it’s expected that the trucks will be operational on the streets of Singapore by Q3 of 2022.

«We see that cities are driving the trend towards electrification through environmental legislation and aspects such as total cost of operation. Thus, forward-thinking waste handling companies such as ALBA W&H Smart City see the potential for expanding into this area», stated Kristine Stålhandske, Sales Manager for eMobility at Scania Group.


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